Get Seasoned Dallas! Chef Series Video Transcript

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[ GRAPHIC] Get Seasoned. A celebrity chef experience powered by El Centro.

[JOHN TESAR] Hi, I'm John Tesar from Knife, here in Dallas, TX. I'm honored and I have the privilege of being the first guest chef to attend the El Centro guest chef series. Hopefully you'll come and see me and come and support El Centro.

[JOHN TESAR] Hi guys, I'm Nick Walker, executive chef for the Virgin Hotel opening up here in Design District. Here supporting the celebrity chef foodie classes for El Centro College. Come check my class out in February guys. It's going to be a great time!

[KENT RATHBUN] I'm going to tell you that we're going to cook, we're going to have a good day, we're going to have a lot of fun, 45 years of experience that I've got behind me and we're going to have a good time.

[DEAN FEARING] And what you're going to learn in my class when I'm at El Centro is how to taste food, how to season food, and how to make food look great on a plate. So I'll see you there!

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC] El Centro is cooking up an additional location in 2020! Based in North Dallas, the location will include: 50,000 square feet, 10 kitchens, 6 classrooms, restaurant/event space.

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC] The new location will host weekly "Get Seasoned" celebrity chef series.  Each experience will feature a new local celebrity chef, a 3-hour cooking and sit-down dinner with the celebrity chef that ALL food-lovers in DFW can enjoy!

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC] 2020 CHEF LINE UP, #celebritychefnights, #getseasoneddallas

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of John Tesar] Get Seasoned, January 13, John Teaser, Knife

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Joel Orsini/Misti Norris] Get Seasoned, January 20, Joel Orsini/Misti Norris, Culinary Power Couple | Petra and the Beast

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of AQ Pittman] Get Seasoned, January 20, AQ Pittman, José

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Josh Sutcliff] Get Seasoned, February 4, Josh Sutcliff, ShipShape Hospitality

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Dean Fearing] Get Seasoned, February 11, Dean Fearing, Fearing's

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Nick Walker] Get Seasoned, February 18, Nick Walker, Virgin Hotel Dallas

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Josh Harmon] Get Seasoned, February 24, John Harmon, Butler's Cabinet

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Kent Rathbun] Get Seasoned, March 3, Kent Rathbun, Imoto | Lovers Seafood & Market | Shinsei

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Janice Provost] Get Seasoned, March 10, Janice Provost, Parigi

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Junior Borges] Get Seasoned, March 17, Junior Borges, Meridian

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Peja Kristic] Get Seasoned, March 23, Peja Krstic, Mot Hai Ba

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC, PHOTO of Graham Dodds] Get Seasoned, March 30, Graham Dodds

[GRAPHIC, MUSIC] NOTES: Anyone can sign up! Enrollment in DCCCD colleges is not necessary. No experience in cooking or baking is required. Brush up on your cooking skills with local celebrity chefs. Classes are $129 per person, per class.


[GRAPHIC, MUSIC] Get Seasoned. A celebrity chef experience powered by El Centro. For more info, please visit: www.