Food and Hospitality Institute

At El Centro College's renowned Food and Hospitality Institute, you'll train alongside experienced professionals, develop dynamic skills and build strong industry connections — all at a fraction of the cost of for-profit culinary schools.

Are you interested in a career in food and hospitality?

Culinary | Pastry | Hospitality

El Centro College is cooking up an additional location in 2020 with over 50,000 square feet, 11 kitchens, 8 classrooms and restaurant/event space. Get more information about our new North Dallas location.

The Food and Hospitality Institute provides training through classroom instruction and hands-on participation in Culinary Arts, Bakery/Pastry Arts, and Food and Hospitality Management. Students get real world experience each semester preparing complete three-course meal services that are open to the public.

“El Centro taught me things I use every day. From the basics of the mother sauces to conversions of recipes, the classes gave me real, usable information that allow me to create menus with balanced flavors and execute dishes with confidence.” Read Janice's story.
Janice Provost
Janet Provost
Owner/Executive Chef, Parigi