Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management

Are you a detail-oriented person who has a skill for organizing people and activities? The Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management (HEEM) program at Richland College provides a dynamic, practical education in this exciting career field. It is taught by working industry professionals who are enthusiastic about their jobs inside and outside of the classroom.

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Your future career will get off to an excellent start with the wealth of networking opportunities available in the north Texas area, a major travel and hospitality hub.

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“The great thing about Richland’s program is that the classes are taught by people in the industry. They say, ‘Here’s what the book says, but here’s what’s real-life.’ That program really gave me the footwork to understand how things work in the hospitality industry. With their internships, you get the chance to actually take part in the industry. ” Read Loretta's story.
Loretta Allen
Loretta Allen
Group Sales Manager,
Omni Hotel