Cost and Tuition

For credit classes, the amount of tuition you pay is based on where you live and the number of credit hours you are taking.

Dallas County Residents

Dallas County residents pay $237 per three-hour class — that is $79 per credit hour, or $948 for a full-semester load of 12 credit hours.

Compare our Tuition to Other Higher Education Institutions
Cost (15-hour semester)
Dallas College $1,185
University of Texas at Arlington $5,520
University of North Texas $5,856
University of Texas - Dallas $6,721

Note: Cost comparison based on a 15-hour semester, in-county/resident tuition rates. Room and board rates not included. University tuition figures are estimates provided for comparison purposes only. Tuition and fees at other universities may vary based on several factors, including your major and whether you choose a guaranteed tuition plan. Source: Texas Coordinating Board.

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Out-of-County Residents

  • $135 per credit hour for out-of-county residents
  • $200 per credit hour (with a $200 minimum) for out-of-state/out-of-country residents

See the complete Tuition Schedule for Credit Courses.


Tuition for continuing education/workforce training courses varies from course to course.

Check your continuing education class schedule for tuition information about a specific course.