Interactive Simulation and Game Technology (Game Design)

Do you love video games? Have you ever wondered how to make them or what a career working on them would be like? 

The Interactive Simulation and Video Game Technology program is offered exclusively at Richland College among the colleges of DCCCD.

The program gives you the skills you’ll need with a three-pronged approach:

  • A solid technological base in digital art and animation with industry-standard software
  • Integrated elements of traditional art and design for a well-rounded skills set
  • Interpersonal relations components that include the effective communication and collaboration skills you need to work with a creative team on the job

Interactive computer simulation is a versatile technology, with 3-D animation a dynamic medium that can illustrate complex ideas in a short time. Applications include:

  • Video game design 
  • Television and film production
  • Medical and scientific simulation
  • Industrial animation, particularly in the aeronautic and transportation industries
  • Engineering
  • Education and government 
  • Forensics and law
  • Architecture and landscaping
  • Business and government

Interactive Simulation and Game Technology


What Can I Earn?

These rates are entry hourly wages for the following Interactive Simulation and Game Technology jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

1 This job may require a bachelor's degree or higher.
Please review current job openings and contact your advisor to review your options.

All data gathered for Dallas/Fort Worth.
Source: DCCCD Labor Market Intelligence

Why is This a Good Career Bet? 

A wide range of industry applications, including in high-growth sectors such as health care and IT, gives 3-D animation wide-ranging job possibilities. CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects an increase of 17 percent in positions for multimedia artists and animators through 2024, and animation is a part of many computer design jobs.

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Degree and Certificate Options for Interactive Simulation and Game Technology

Richland College

Interactive Simulation and Game Technology is unique to Richland College among the colleges of DCCCD.

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