Student Experiences

​​​No matter where these current or former students are in the process of reaching their ​goals, we salute them. They have dared to turn dreams into reality through education. Could you be next?


Ethan Brackin

3D Studio Owner

Kyle Busch

Game Design Student

Jimmy Delaney


Eskinder Girma

Concept Artist

Jerel Gouldborne

Game Design Student

Gabriel Holzapfel

Eagle Top Gaming

Malcolm Hull

Game Design Student

Don Massey

Conceptual Artist, iStation

Scott Sengbush

Game Producer, Game Circus

Mike Singleton

Student Assistant, Interactive Simulation and Game Technology

Naveen Syed

Game Design Student

Ibrahim Taleb

Game Design Student

Seth Trimble

Senior 3D Artist, Bottle Rocket

James C. Woodall

Quality Assurance Director and Graphics Artist, Blind Mind Studios

Ira Thomas

CGI Artist

Kevin Boykin

3D Artist

Mustafa Alobaidi

Splash Damage

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