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Radiologic Sciences

An education in Radiologic Sciences can lead in many directions, since demand is high with increasingly sophisticated health care. Specializations include mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, cardiovascular-interventional technology and nuclear medicine. Whether you consider yourself technically adept or not, this program will set you up for success — it’s part science, part art!

Are you interested in a career in radiologic sciences?


As a part of your training in Radiologic Sciences, you’ll study subjects such as anatomy, physics, radiation safety, communication and computer skills specific to your career. Because our comprehensive programs include clinical rotations, you’ll have a hands-on opportunity to practice patient care skills and technical knowledge. You’ll work side-by-side in radiology departments with doctors, nurses and experienced radiologic technologists.

At These Colleges:

“The colleges of DCCCD have a lot of programs for people who want to have a better life with education. I strongly recommend other students to join this program — they have the best teachers who really care about their students, as well as financial help available. I love what I’m doing, and I will continue doing it to serve people.” Read Prayuth's story.
Prayuth Phang
Prayuth Phang
Radiologic Technologist,
Community Portable X-ray Inc.