Application Forms

​​The​ following documents are required to submit a complete application:

More Information About Applying

If you have any questions before submitting your application packet, please contact a nursing coordinator at Mountain View. Many of the application forms listed above are Microsoft Word documents. If you cannot download or complete them, contact a nursing coordinator at Mountain View for assistance.

A criminal background check and drug screening are required to begin the program. These steps will take place after you are admitted. On acceptance, detailed instructions will be sent to complete the background check and drug screening.

How to Submit Your Application

Place the above materials and your official transcripts in a 9-by-12 inch envelope for submission either in person or by mail. The envelope must be received in the nursing office at Mountain View by the deadline posted online. If mailed, please send a return receipt request for your records.

Submit applications to:

Mountain View
Attention: Administrative Assistant, Nursing Division H-25
4849 W. Illinois Ave. 
Dallas, TX 75211
Phone: 214-860-8593