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Professional Development Courses That Will Not Be Included in the Higher Tuition Rate

The courses in the list below are exempt from the higher tuition charge and may be repeated to comply with mandated professional development updating requirements to maintain professional licensure/certification. This list may be updated from time to time. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of which courses are on this list. If a course is not on this list, additional tuition will be charge on the third or subsequent attempt.
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Professional Development Course Number Title (Course Titles May Vary)
ACNT-2000 Pro Dev: Accounting
AUMT-2000 Pro Dev: Auto/Autom Mech/Tech
BARB-2000 Pro Dev: Barbering/Barber
CDEC-1032 Issues Early Care/Ed. Profes'l
CDEC-2000 Pro Dev: Child Care Prov/Asst
CHEF-2000 Pro Dev: Culinary Arts/ Chef
CHLT-2000 Pro Dev:Com Hlth Srv/Liai/Cou
CJCR-1000 Basic Jail Course
CJCR-1019 Inservice Correctional Ofcrs
CJCR-2000 Interperson Comm Correct Set
CJCR-2001 Pro Dev: Corrections
CJLE-2000 Pro Dev: Crim Just/Police Sci
CJLE-2026 Firearms Proficiency
CJSA-1001 Field Training Officer
CJSA-1051 Use of Force
CJSA-2000 Pro Dev: Crim Just/Safety Stu
CSME-1040 Sanitation/Safety Cosmeto Pro
CSME-2009 Pro Dev: San, Law/Curric Cosme
DAAC-2000 Pro Dev: Sub Abuse/Addict Coun
DMSO-2000 Pro Dev: Diag Med Sono/Ultra
63 records found 1 2 3 4