Video: Plan My Schedule

Video Transcript:

This video will demonstrate how to use plan my schedule in eConnect to view, add and delete classes from the schedule of classes you plan to register for later. 

Before registering for classes, you should add them to your schedule plan in eConnect. Locating and adding the classes to your plan simplifies the registration process. 

To view your schedule plan, first navigate to the eConnect main menu page at 

Click Log In in the upper right. 

Enter your student ID and password, and then click the Submit button. 

Click Current Credit Students menu. 

Click the Plan My Schedule link, which is located in the Prepare to Register section of the page. 

The Plan My Schedule screen shows your eligibility status with respect to registering online or in person. 

If you're not eligible to register, an explanation will be provided along with contact information. 

Not all students are eligible to register online, but all students can plan their schedule online, print them and proceed to register in person. 

To add classes to your schedule plan, click the add new classes to my plan button. 

Enter your search options. 

Select the term. 

In this case, I'll select fall 2017. 

Select one or more locations. 

If you're searching for an online class, select all of the locations. 

Otherwise, you may not be able to locate the course you need to take. 

In the course column, select a course. 

For this example, I'll enter COSC. 

For the course number, I'll use 1301. 

To see all of the sections, leave the section number blank. 

Let's also add Education 1300. 

In the second row, I'll select EDUC for the course and 1300 for the course number. 

To start the search, I'll click the Submit button.

Scroll through the list to locate a section that meets your schedule requirements. 

Select the section or sections you want to add to your plan, and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the list. 

The section should now appear under My Schedule Plan. 

It's important to note that you're not actually registered for the classes listed in the My Schedule Plan section of the screen. 

This area is intended to identify the class sections for which you'll register later. 

To remove a class from My Schedule Plan, click the action dropdown icon for the section you want to remove from your plan, and then select remove. 

Click the Register/Drop/Remove button below the Current Schedule section of the page. 

The class section should no longer appear in your plan. 

Once you have finished planning your schedule, you can use the buttons to print your plan, exit your plan or return to the student menu. 

There are some important items you need to be aware of when working with My Schedule Plan. 

First, the maximum number of class sections you can add to your plan is 20. 

Remember, you are not registered for the classes listed under My Schedule Plan, so please remove or register for them in a timely manner. 

Co-requisites, date and time conflicts, and if prerequisites have not been met, will be displayed in the co-rec sections column, the conflicting sections column, and the prerequisite-met column. 

Also, when you add a section with a co-requisite, eConnect automatically adds the co-requisite section to your plan. 

In the future, don't forget that planning your schedule is an important step in preparing to register for classes. 

It helps identify sections you will be able to register for and reduces the number of issues you will encounter when you're ready to register for classes.