Video: Setting Up an Account in eConnect

Video Transcript:

Welcome to eConnect Training for Students. 

This video will cover setting up an account in eConnect. 

We'll start from the eConnect Main Menu. 

Type in your web browser address bar and press the Enter key. 

From the eConnect Main Menu, click the Credit Student Menu option on the button bar or the Current Credit Students Menu link on the eConnect Main Menu screen. 

Click Setup My eConnect Account in the My eConnect Account section of the Credit Student Menu. You should now be on the Setup My eConnect Account screen. 

Enter your last name in the Last Name field. Enter your birth date as a two-digit month, day and year. 

For example, January 1st, 1960 would be entered as 010160. 

Enter the email address the Admissions Office has on file in your student record. Please note, entering any other email address will not work in the Email Address field. 

Enter your student ID number and click Submit. 

Possible error messages may occur when entering this information. 

Your last name, birth date and email address must match how they appear in your student record. 

If you receive an error message, please try again or contact your nearest Admissions/Registrar office. 

If your name is not found in the eConnect database, enter the appropriate information in the Add Me To the eConnect Registry screen. 

Once personal information has been entered, the second Account Set Up screen will prompt you to create a password. 

Create a password following the requirements listed just above the New Password field. 

Use a password you can remember, but one that is not easy to guess. Retype the same password to confirm in the Confirm New Password field. 

In the My Password Hint field, type something to help you remember your password but would not help someone else guess your password. 

The Challenge Question is an additional security feature of eConnect that helps protect your eConnect account. Choose a challenge question. 

Be sure the answer is something only you would know that cannot be easily guessed by someone else.

It should not be the same as your eConnect password.

Type in the answer to your challenge question again in the Confirm Answer field. Click the Enabled Enhanced Security checkbox to add an additional layer of security. 

Click Submit. 

You will always be required to provide the answer to your challenge questions for the following screens: Please note, if you forget your challenge question or password, you will be required to request a manual reset. 

To request a reset, submit a written request to the Registrar at your preferred location via mail, fax or in person. 

Include your name, student ID or Social Security Number, Date of Birth, a valid email address, your signature and a copy of a photo ID, such as a drivers license, ID, passport or college photo ID. 

Please allow one business day for processing your request. 

Once your request has been processed, you are required to set up your account before you can log in. 

If you have a valid email address, you will receive an email confirming your account setup. 

If you receive an error message, carefully retype your password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. 

If you are still getting an error message, try a different password that adheres to password requirements. 

Passwords must be at least 8 and no more than 9 characters long and contain both numeric and alphabetic characters. 

It is recommended that you include at least one of the following special characters: Spaces and other special characters are not supported. 

If you can see the Account Setup Complete screen, you have successfully set up your account and can now log in. 

This concludes our video for setting up your account in eConnect.