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Parent Promise Frequently Asked Questions

Which high schools are participate in Parent Promise?

  • Cedar Hill Collegiate High School (Cedar Hill ISD)
  • Cedar Hill High School (Cedar Hill ISD)
  • David W. Carter High School (DISD)
  • DeSoto High School (DeSoto ISD)
  • Duncanville High School (Duncanville ISD)
  • Emmett J. Conrad High School (DISD)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt High School (DISD)
  • Grand Prairie High Schools (Grand Prairie ISD) 
  • H. Grady Spruce High School (DISD)
  • James Madison High School (DISD)
  • Justin F. Kimball High School (DISD)
  • L.G. Pinkston High School (DISD)
  • Lancaster High School (Lancaster ISD)
  • Lincoln High School (DISD)
  • Moises E. Molina High School (DISD)
  • North Dallas High School (DISD)
  • Seagoville High School (DISD)
  • South Grand Prairie High School (GPISD)
  • South Oak Cliff High School (DISD)
  • Sunset HIgh School (DISD)
  • Thomas Jefferson High School (DISD)
  • W.W. Samuell High School (DISD)
  • Wilmer-Hutchins High School (DISD)

How long do I have to complete my degree or certificate at DCCCD under the Parent Promise funding?

Parent Promise scholars will have 5 years to complete their degree or certificate.

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How do I know if I meet the less than $55,000 household requirement?

Check your most recent tax return for your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

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Are ESL parents eligible for the Parent Promise?

Yes. Parents will first enter WorkReadyU, a completely free adult-education program at DCCCD schools that will prepare English language learners the skills needed for college and career success.

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What if I don't have a GED yet?

Parents will first enter WorkReadyU, a completely free adult-education program at DCCCD, that will teach you the skills you need for college and career success.

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Am I eligible for the Parent Promise if I just moved to Dallas?

To be eligible, your high school senior must have attended a participating Promise high school for their full senior year. Additionally, you must qualify for Texas in-state tuition.

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What if I already have some college hours?

Previous college can give you a jump start on completing a certificate program or an associate degree. Make sure to speak with an advisor before enrolling.

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What if I already have an associate degree?

With a Parent Promise scholarship you can enhance your skills through a certificate program, making yourself more marketable to your current or future employer.

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Can I use my Parent Promise scholarship for developmental education classes?

Yes, developmental classes are covered under the Parent Promise.

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Can I use my Parent Promise scholarship at another school?

Parent Promise can only be used at one of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges.

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How is Parent Promise funded? 

Parent Promise is funded through LevelUp Scholarship funds.

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