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Sophia Video Transcript



[Text On Screen]: Sophia, a graduate of a Dallas Community College.

[Voiceover]: This is Sophia, a recent Accounting grad from a Dallas Community College, and chief accountant for the family business.

[Voiceover]: Same as her father before her…

[Voiceover]: Aaaaand her father’s father before him.

[Voiceover]: Only, the fathers are struggling to transition to the new system.

[Sophia]:Done! The month’s profit statements, paid invoices, and the part order for next week.!

[Dad]: How?!

[Voiceover]: I guess there’s just no accounting for perfection.

[Sophia]: High five to that!

[Text On Screen]: Dallas Community Colleges

[Text On Screen]: Education That Pays.

[Text On Screen]: Education That Counts.

[Text On Screen]: Education That Works.