Eboni Clayton

Degree in Special Education

Eboni Clayton
2014-2015 Awardee

Ms. Clayton intends to complete a bachelor’s degree in the area of special education and ultimately plans to work in counseling after completing a master’s degree. Ms. Clayton described her his​tory of work and education as well as her dreams and goals for the future. Her essay states:

For as long as I can remember my passion has been to teach. Teaching others a new skill, or only teaching another person how to control themselves has always come very naturally to me. I am interested in applying for a scholarship for the spring semester so that I can continue to pursue my passion. My overall goal in life is to reach and teach children, young adults, and families. I plan to merge my life and previous career skills with education to obtain my future goals.

My previous choices lead me to an incredible career in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. After a few years of hard work, dedication and consistency I was promoted to Training Coordinator. As a Training Coordinator, I trained new and existing staff on the policies and procedures that the company wanted to instill in all employees. I also had the privilege of training supervisors to be more effective at their job and also to motive their team. One of my responsibilities was to teach a monthly course called Pro-Act. It was in teaching Pro-Act, Professional Assault Crisis course, and restraint, which I grew to have an interest in behavioral analysis and modification. It was amazing to me to watch adults, teenagers as well as children enter our facility unable to control their behaviors. Due to their brain injury, and through behavior modification were able about to provide a socially acceptable response. At this time, I also became a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Eventually becoming a volunteer at Dr. Pierce early childhood learning center and Lee Britain Elementary school I learned there is a need for behavior modification and teachers.

At the community college level, my goal is to obtain 48 credit hours. I plan to have 48 credit hours completed by Fall of 2015. In the fall of 2016, I plan to transfer Texas Woman's University to complete my Bachelor's degree. Texas Woman's University offers a degree program for Teaching/Education. What sets Texas Woman's University apart, regarding the degree program, is that the school offers a Teaching program designed for students that want to pursue teaching in the area of special education. After graduating the program and passing the Texas examination, Texas Woman's University students are considered highly qualified teachers by the Individuals with Disabilities Act 2004 and no child left behind. My goal is to graduate in the spring of 2018 and eventually go on to complete my Master's degree at Texas Woman's University as well in the field Counseling Psychology.

Armed with 48 credit hours, I plan to apply and start a career in the Independent School District as a teacher's assistant. While continuing my education at Texas Woman's University, my work as a teacher's assistant will provide me with real-world experience that will prepare for my Bachelors in Education. After completing a Teaching degree in special education, my career goal is to become a teacher within the alternative school community. Over the next five (5) years to plan to continue my career as a teacher with an alternative school, while obtaining a Master's degree with TWU. After completing a Master's degree in Psychology, I plan to become a guidance counselor to guide better our parents as well as the youth that are preparing for the next stages of their lives.

My hope in writing this letter to your organization is that my education and career goals will show my determination for higher learning. To be honored with a scholarship for the spring semester of 2015 will prove to be not only an investment in my education but also an investment towards children, young adults, and families whose lives with will be touched through the education provided by Mountain View College and passion.