Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox
2009-2010 Awardee

I currently attend Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas, where I plan to obtain my Associate Degree in Childhood Education. I plan to attend the University of Texas at Arlington where I will continue my pursuance of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education so that I may begin my career and my life.

As of now, I have attended Mountain View College for a little over one year, and in that time, I have earned 28 credits and holding a 3.5 GPA. I graduated from James Bowie High School in 2003. Education was not my priority until after I took me five years of maturation to realize that education should be my top priority. I have gained a new respect for it.

I value my time at Mountain and appreciate every moment of it. When I earn my degree, I will be only the second person in my family to have received a college education.

My family knows the importance of education, but due to the financial inability to provide the college experience and the lack of knowledge concerning grants and such, I was not properly encouraged to enter college. As stated before, I did not leave high school and immediately enter college because of my inattention to financial aid information.

I anticipate my graduation day from college so that I can find a school district to teach in and begin my journey. I chose education as my field of study since I feel that education is important for our youth.

If we cannot teach them and their parents the importance and seriousness of education at a young age, we may never be able to “break through.” We live in a country where everyone ahs a fair shot at an education, and I am passionate when I say that every person must take action! Knowledge is power, and every child must have the opportunity to gain that power because it will carry them through their lives.