Rosie Steffen

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Rosie Steffen
Faculty Awardee

The current Special Activities Coordinator for DCCCD’s Retiree Association, Rosie Steffen remains incredibly active, even after retirement. She was a faculty member in the nursing program at El Centro. Rosie always believed in teaching excellence through creativity, innovation and adaptation.

During her tenure, Rosie worked tirelessly with and for her students through out-of-class, after hours study sessions. Rosie is a longtime proactive advocate of the DCCCD Retiree Association, and it’s almost a guarantee that if you were to attend a retiree event, you would see Rosie contributing behind the scenes.

One of the proudest moments in her career was being recognized and chosen as one of the Top 100 Nurses in Texas by the Texas Nurses Association. But throughout her years of volunteerism and service, she has also received accolades from the YMCA, Parkland Hospital, the Women’s Guild and Catholic Daughters of America.

Rosie believes in community service and has contributed in many areas such as volunteerism, membership in professional organizations, and service to education during her career as well as in retirement.