Ernest Rager

Ernest Rager

Dr. Ernest Rager
Faculty Awardee

Ernest taught in the Humanities Division at Richland College for 32 years. He was very clear and fair in his instruction and instructional delivery to the hundreds of humanities students he taught. His students benefited from his expertise and wealth of musical ability. ​​

He plays the tuba, string bass, and the trumpet, so he would take instruments to class to play them; he would also demonstrate the elements of music on the piano. Ernest wanted his students to learn things that they could take with them, and that would mean something to them throughout their lives.

He had an extraordinary ability to teach interdisciplinary in music, art, and philosophy, and make all three areas understandable and meaningful. Ernest played tuba in the Early Brass at Richland, which performed at many graduations, for the college noon recital series and other campus events. The faculty has continued to use his goals and ideas in the areas of art and music in the Humanities curriculum after his retirement.

He has played professionally with the Fort Worth and Richardson Symphony Orchestras and helped organize and conducted the Grand Prairie Symphony. He holds a CHL, has counseled with ​and taken telephone reports from people who claim to have had UFO experiences, is a student of the ancient practice of QI Gong and has served as a hospice volunteer.

He is active in his neighborhood Volunteers in Patrol Program. He has been a member of church choirs for 44 years. He also continues to play in the Early Brass.