Admissions Process


The Richlan​d Collegiate High School accepts applications for admission to the 11th grade starting during the spring semester of each year. Students who live in the following counties are eligible to attend the RCHS:

  • Collin County
  • Dallas County
  • Denton County
  • Ellis County
  • Kaufman County
  • Rockwall County
  • Tarrant County

If the Collegiate High School receives more than 700 applicants for the Math, Science and Engineering (MSE) program and for the Visual, Performing and Digital Arts (VPDA) program, federal law requires that a lottery be held to select students for admission. If necessary, the lottery will be held in early March. The exact date will be communicated to all applicants.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted at the RCHS office. After all applications have been received and certified as complete, RCHS personnel will compile a comprehensive list of eligible applicants. If this list does not exceed 700 MSE and VPDA persons, everyone on the list will be admitted to the RCHS for the Fall semester. If the list includes more than that, a lottery must be held in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

Lottery Process

If required, the lottery for admission to the RCHS for Fall will be held on the last Monday of March at the RCHS offices. Prior to the drawing, each eligible applicant will be assigned a unique number. A RCHS staff member will then randomly draw numbers. All numbers will be drawn and placed in the order in which they were drawn. The numbers will then be matched to that prospective student to create a list of the students who have been admitted. The remaining names will be maintained on a waiting list in the order in which their numbers were drawn.

If a lottery must be held, those students whose names were drawn will be notified of their admission to the RCHS after the lottery. Students will then have the opportunity to accept or decline admission to the RCHS.

Admission Process

As indicated above, if fewer than the required number of eligible applications are received, all students who applied will be admitted. Students will then receive information regarding AccuPlacer testing and academic advisement.

Waiting List

Students who are placed on the waiting list after the lottery will be notified of their status by the RCHS Office. If students who have been admitted to the RCHS choose to withdraw before classes start in Fall, a student's name will be taken from the waiting list in the order in which it was drawn and offered admission to the RCHS. Students will have one week from the date of notification of the opportunity to make a decision. Those who choose to enter the RCHS will then receive information on AccuPlacer testing, advising, and scheduling of classes.