Account Creation Process

  Faculty Onboarding Guide

Account Creation Process for New Faculty

The steps below outline how your account will be created by Dallas College Human Resources (HR) and the Information Technology (IT) Office at your campus:

  1. HR contacts new hire with employment offer and instructions
  2. New hire completes all paperwork via the employee portal
  3. HR creates a seven-digit employee ID number and username (3x4)
  4. HR notifies campus IT Office of the new hire
  5. IT creates the new hire's email address and temporary password
  6. New hire receives email address and password from IT (or supervisor)

See below for more details about the account creation process.

For your next steps after you receive your email address and password from IT, see the Account Setup Checklist for Faculty.

New Hire Paperwork

When you receive your employment offer from HR, you will also receive instructions on how to accept the offer and complete new hire paperwork on the employee portal. Please complete your paperwork as soon as possible to allow for HR to prepare for your onboarding and for IT to create your employee user accounts before your first day of employment.

Note: After you accept your offer, you will be contacted by a member of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) team. This team member will be your primary point of contact and will be responsible for ensuring all your required onboarding documents are completed prior to your first day of employment. If you have questions before you are contacted by the HRIS team, please contact Human Resources at

ID Number Versus Username (AKA “3x4”)

After your new hire paperwork is complete, HR will create your seven-digit employee ID number and a Dallas College username. The username is often referred to as a “three-by-four” (or “3x4”) because it is made up of a combination of three letters followed by four numbers (example: abc1234).

You will use your 3x4 username to log in to your email and other Dallas College systems. Your seven-digit employee ID number will be the unique identifier permanently associated with your employee records. You will also use it to sign in at in-person events.

The table below summarizes key information about your ID number and username.

Employee ID NumberUsername (3x4)
  • Format: seven-digit number
  • Example: 1234567
  • Also known as: Colleague ID
  • Purpose: Log in to email and other Dallas College systems
  • Format: three letters and four numbers
  • Example: abc1234
  • Also known as: 3x4 (three-by-four)
  • Purpose: Unique identification number for employee records; sign in at in-person events

Find Your ID Number and/or 3x4 Username

After HR creates your ID number and username, you can look them up at any time using the Get My Employee/Student/Retiree ID form.

Account Creation Help

Contact Human Resources ( if you have questions about your employment offer, new hire paperwork, employee ID number or 3x4 username.

Contact your campus IT Office if you do not receive your email address and password, or if you need help logging in and setting up your accounts (see below).

Next Step: Account Setup

After you receive your email address and password from IT, see the Account Setup Checklist for Faculty for next steps.