Style Dictionary

Updated Oct. 11, 2019

A.A., A.A.S. degree
use periods after letters in the degree designation
not adviser (contrary to AP)
Follow the AP Stylebook except for Content Management System (CMS) web link names. When space is limited in CMS navigation, it is acceptable to use ampersands in the link name.
art exhibitions
Put the titles of art exhibitions in italics. The titles of individual works of art should be put in quotation marks.
Example: “Poppies in a Field” is one of 10 paintings in Jane Doe’s current exhibition, Flower Stories.
Example: The browsable credit class schedule is available online.
The word “campus” describes the grounds where a college is located. While “campus” often is used appropriately in text, a reference to an accredited institution always should be as a “college.” Do not refer to any of our accredited institutions as a “campus” unless you are referring to its grounds/location.

Example: “Brookhaven College has a lovely campus.”

Example: “The Cedar Valley campus includes two lakes.”

Example: “DCCCD comprises seven colleges.”

Example: “The college nearest to Richland’s campus is Brookhaven College.”

Example: “The campus is maintained beautifully.”

Example: “The Assessment Center is located on the west side of the campus.”

Note: Because we are known as Dallas Community Colleges in marketing and promotional efforts, the word “college” or “colleges” potentially can be overused in text — two to three times in one sentence or within an adjacent sentence. Try varying the words by using “college” with the formal reference required above, plus “institution” and “campus” when necessary (third or fourth reference, to avoid violating the rule already described here). Sometimes the word “facility” also can be substituted, depending on the text and the circumstances.
See entry for office.
See entry for campus.
Core Curriculum
Core courses

Example: Students interested in transferring to a four-year university are strongly advised to complete the Core Curriculum at DCCCD.

Example: Jon will be taking two Core courses this semester.

Dallas County Community Colleges;
Dallas Community Colleges;
(College Name) A Dallas Community College
acceptable use of district name in marketing and promotional materials
the official abbreviation of Dallas County Community College District
See entry for office.
one word
See entry for office.
acceptable before the names of individuals who hold academic doctoral degrees (Ph.D., Ed.D.) (contrary to Associated Press style) (agreed to by the Marketing and Communications Council, April 25, 2019)
email alias addresses
To protect against fraud and identity theft, always use an alias when publishing an email address on business cards and other printed materials, in eConnect or on district or college websites. Never publish an Online Services Sign-In/Active Directory login identification number.
Example:, not
health care
(Marketing and Communications Council agreed to adopt Associated Press style for this term May 17, 2018)
all caps
location abbreviations
acceptable on second reference.

  • BHC - Brookhaven College
  • BJP – Bill J. Priest Institute
  • CVC - Cedar Valley College
  • EFC - Eastfield College
  • ECC - El Centro College
  • MVC - Mountain View College
  • NLC - North Lake College
  • RLC - Richland College
  • DO - District Office
  • DSC - District Service Center
Capitalize the first letter when used as part of a proper name. Use lower case in casual uses.

Example: For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office.

Example: His office is close to mine.

one word, lower case
“Professor” should not be used as a title in front of a person’s name when writing about faculty of the colleges of DCCCD. Instead, describe the person as faculty or an instructor. Using “professor” as a title suggests tenure and may be problematic. (agreed to by the Marketing and Communications Council March 22, 2018)
state names
When including the name of a city and state in body text, use the AP abbreviation for the state (contrary to AP)
one word, lower case
telephone numbers
Use hyphens to separate numbers (e.g., 214-860-2135). Exception: Use parentheses around area codes on documents that go to reporters, if required.
Follow the AP Stylebook guidelines for composition titles.
Publish only the part of the URI (URL) that appears after the slashes, and do not include “www,” unless there is a special reason for listing the entire URI (URL) (contrary to AP)

Example:, not

  • If you must list a full URI (URL) (for example, when referencing a site that uses the https protocol), use consistent URI (URL) formatting throughout the page, document, etc.
  • Be sure to check any web address to make sure it works before publishing. (For example, for some websites, you must include “www”).
  • Online, the best practice for accessibility purposes is to use anchor text vs. writing out the entire URI (URL) (Example: Google, not
web browser
one word, lower case
one word, lower case
one word, lower case
one word, lower case
one word
web server
two words
one word
one word