Visitors, Contractors and Future Students


Visitors, including future students, community members and vendors, who are not scheduled to attend work or class, must complete a visitor request that must then be approved prior to visiting a Dallas College location. Requests should be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the requested visit to allow for processing time, and approved visitors will be granted a specific appointment time.

Upon submitting a visitor request, a confirmation will be sent indicating if the visit was approved or denied. If approved, visitors will receive a visitor acknowledgement form that will need to be completed and signed at least three hours prior to the visitor’s arrival on campus. This form certifies that visitors are aware of the current safety protocols in place at Dallas College and agree to abide by them.

Face-to-Face Student Services Appointments 

Students registered for current semester classes are able to make appointments through LibCal to utilize various face-to-face student services, including but not li​mited to libraries, tutoring and select computer labs at all campuses. Appointments are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, with sessions ranging from one to two hours, depending on the type of service needed. Online tutoring appointments and library services are still available to students as well. 


Students can make in-person advising appointments at least 24 hours in advance of the requested time through EAB Navigate or by calling the Advising Virtual Call Center at 972-669-6400. Students will receive a confirmation email with specific instructions about campus protocols and the appointment location through both EAB Navigate and LibCal. 

Students may also schedule virtual advising appointments via the Advising Virtual Call Center of through EAB Navigate. The call center is also available to answer general advising questions. 

Contractor Health Monitorin​g Protocol

Contractors who continually or frequently access Dallas College facilities are required to provide information on their company's policies regarding pre-arrival health screenings to the Critical Response Of​fice. Upon receipt and approval of these policies by Dallas College, contractors will receive identifiable wristbands that indicate they are approved through our contractor health monitoring protocol. This process is managed through Facilities Management, Information Technology and the Critical Response Office.