Instructional Protocol

Remote Instruction

As Dallas College continues to monitor the outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on our community, it has been determined that most classes will be online through the Spring 2021 semester. A determination about future semesters will be made at a later date. 

Instructional Support

Dallas College instructional designers and instructional technology support staff members will continue assisting faculty and adjunct faculty members. Dallas College also has amassed a large collection of resources on the Faculty One Stop page (login required) that are freely available to all faculty, including adjuncts. Any faculty members or adjunct faculty members who have a technology need are encouraged to contact their supervisor.

Considerations for Limited Face-to-Face Instruction


Dallas College recognizes the importance of experiential learning components in​ the instructional experience. The Critical Response Office, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Success, has reviewed and approved limited face-to-face instruction of labs and other hands-on learning experiences for the Spring 2021 ​ semester. With Dallas College remaining predominantly online for the Spring 2021 semester, this process for submitting face-to-face requests is again being implemented.​

All requests must provide ample evidence that specific components of the course cannot be conducted online and that industry standards mandate hands-on training components for specific skills.

An individual request must be made for each course. Prior to submission, faculty coordinators should consider the following to determine if the request is appropriate.

  • Are there industry standards that require specific learning outcomes be addressed in a face-to-face format that cannot be accomplished in a virtual environment?
  • Does this course require the use of specialized equipment or tools that cannot otherwise be accomplished in a home or virtual environment?
  • Has this course been successfully delivered online at one or more of the campuses within the past two years?
  • Are other colleges and universities successfully delivering this course in a virtual environment?
  • Have federal, state and local protocols regarding social distancing, face coverings and other restrictions been considered? These limitations may reduce the number of students permitted in a face-to-face environment at any one time, thus requiring faculty to teach multiple face-to-face sessions for a specific course with no additional compensation.

Faculty coordinators who feel face-to-face instruction for a course is appropriate should consult with their dean and the Office of the Provost about whether the request should move forward in the approval process.

Non-credit instructional requests for limited face-to-face instruction, including contract training, adult education, continuing education, corporate education and short-term training, can be made directly through the Critical Response Office. Requests should be submitted only by continuing education and workforce directors, deans or designated administrators.

P-TECH Academies, Early College High Schools and Dual Credit


Dallas College recognizes the critical importance of K-12 partnerships. Guidelines and protocols for dual credit, early college high schools and P-TECH academies are outlined below.

P-TECH Academies and Early College High Schools

For students who complete all four high school grades on Dallas College campuses through the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ECHS at Brookhaven, Trinidad “Trini" Garza ECHS at Mountain View, Dr. Wright L. Lassiter Jr. ECHS at El Centro, North Lake ECHS or Premier High School at the Dallas College Irving Center, high school classes will be provided on the Dallas College campuses. In addition, Richland Collegiate High School will also have high school classes on the Richland campus.

All college dual credit courses in which ECHS students are enrolled​ will be offered online. Dual credit courses taught by Dallas College employees will also be delivered online, with the exception of any limited face-to-face instruction approved by the Critical Response Office, the Office of the Provost and the Student Academic Services Rapid Response Team.

Dual credit courses taught by credentialed high school instructors will be delivered face-to-face at the high school or online, depending on that school district's current COVID-19 protocols.

To better accommodate ISD and school calendars that are being adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dallas College is currently planning flex term dual credit courses for upcoming semesters.