Face Coverings Do's and Don'ts

​​Our campuses are currently closed to the general public at this time. Most classes will be held online through the Spring 2021 semester.

Student services are available by appointment.

If you need access to our locations please schedule an appointment or contact the Back to Campus Coordinators or the Critical Response Office.


In order to protect the health of the entire Dallas College community, all employees, students, visitors and vendors providing on-site services, must wear a mask/face covering that covers the wearer's nose and mouth while in public settings on Dallas College property. Face coverings can be disposable or cloth.

Public areas include, but are not limited to, common workspaces, breakrooms, reception, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators and restrooms.

Instructors who are delivering on-campus instruction may remove their face covering to teach, as long as there's at least 10 feet of distance between the instructor and students.

Employees and students must provide their own disposable or cloth face mask/face covering. Cloth masks or face coverings should be made of washable materials so they can be kept clean and reused, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health agencies.


  • Make sure you can breathe through it
  • Wear it whenever going out in public
  • Make sure it covers your nose and mouth
  • Wash after using


  • Wear if younger than two years old
  • Use surgical masks or other PPE intended for healthcare workers

Download an image for sharing from the CDC (JPG - 889 KB).

The use of face masks or coverings is not a substitute for social/ physical distancing. The face mask/face covering protocol is intended to supplement the College's social/physical distancing hygiene protocol and procedure. When possible, both measures should be used to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Individuals who are performing tasks where the use of a face mask or face covering poses a health or safety risk, may qualify for an exception to this policy and should contact the COVID-19 Coordinator for guidance.

Employees who cannot wear a face mask or covering due to medical, religious or other reasons, should contact Human Resources at DC_HRBenefit@dcccd.edu for possible accommodation measures.

Students should contact the Accessibility Services Office for possible accommodation measures.