Back to Campus FAQs for Students

​​Our campuses are currently closed to the general public at this time. Most classes will be held online through the Spring 2021 semester.

Student services are available by appointment.

If you need access to our locations please schedule an appointment or contact the Back to Campus Coordinators or the Critical Response Office.

FAQ Topics

Coursework/Academic Programs FAQs

If you are enrolled in a class that requires hands-on experiences (e.g., welding, nursing), your instructor will share information with you at a later date regarding the process we will use to fulfill that aspect of the class in accordance with CDC guidelines.

The move to primarily online instruction at Dallas College has challenged our thinking about how to deliver courses and programs. While the health and safety of our students remains our top priority, some courses that necessitate face-to-face instruction will be held in-person for Spring 2021. The courses and associated labs have been identified, and students who enroll in them will be notified in advance.

Online proctoring of exams through external sources has been arranged for courses that require such proctoring.

Student Life FAQs

Many student organizations began meeting virtually during the Spring 2020 semester, and there is hope these organizations will continue meeting. The plan is to continue many virtual events in place of in-person events until further notice.

The NJCAA moved all close-contact fall sports to the Spring 2021 semester. Additional updates will be communicated to student athletes and posted here as they become available.

Back to Campus/Safety FAQs

Yes. Regardless of vaccination status, all those accessing campus will be required to wear PPE and perform the questionnaire in Appian within two hours of coming to campus.

Employees and students will be required to provide their own face coverings prior to being permitted to enter any campus building. However, should an individual forget to bring a face covering, some disposable masks are available from welcome assistants.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or believe you have been exposed, you should not come to any Dallas College campus. You should contact your health care provider for care. Should you test positive for COVID-19, you should immediately report that to the Positive COVID-19 Reporting Form (login required).

Yes. The Critical Response Office (CRO) will speak wit​h the impacted individual to identify any people they may have come in contact with so they can be alerted. The CRO will also determine spaces the person visited so they can be deep cleaned and closed for 24-48 hours.

Yes. Employees and students must submit a health self-assessment via the web or Appian app prior to visiting campus. Welcome assistants will check visitors in at designated building entrances and confirm submission of the self-assessment. Welcome assistants will have hard copy versions of the assessment for those without access to mobile devices.

Yes. All employees and students will be required to check in with welcome assistants stationed at designated building entrances.

No. To maintain social distancing, students will be permitted on campus only during their specific class session times.

All facilities, including high-touch areas, will be cleaned at least four times per day. Weekly deep cleanings will also be done using commercial grade equipment and disinfecting chemicals.

Dallas College has health and safety guidelines in place for everyone who visits a Dallas College location.

Agility is one of our guiding principles, and we will be prepared to adapt quickly in this fluid environment.

Contracted cleaning companies will clean rooms.

Our campuses are currently closed to the general public and most employees are working remotely through March 1, 2021. Classes are currently being held primarily online. However, students enrolled in courses or labs that are being offered face-to-face course or lab will be provided instructions from their instructor on how to access the campus. Students needing to make a payment do not need an appointment to visit campus but the student must leave the campus as soon as the transaction is made.

Other student services are available through online appointments or drop-in online sessions.

These areas of campus are currently closed as congregating is currently discouraged on campus.

Due to varying elevator sizes across our locations, signs are posted, notifying elevator users how many people are allowed at one time. We are not closing any toilets in bathrooms at this time, but we ask all to practice social distancing while using the facilities.

Student Resources FAQs

Students are able to print a FedEx return label by reviewing their account on Students are encouraged to return their books as soon as possible. Students who have questions can contact their campus bookstore.