Welding Technology Careers

Many of our Welding students take just a course or two to lay the foundation of welding skills for personal or artistic use. Our program also provides the technical skills necessary to use welding in numerous job applications.

Welders work in a variety of jobs in wide-ranging industries that include:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive manufacture and repair
  • Chemical processing
  • Construction
  • General manufacturing
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Plumbing and pipe welding
  • Underwater welding

Career Paths

Welding is a principal skill set in many different jobs; an associate degree is excellent preparation. You may also advance your career with a bachelor’s degree or additional certifications and become a welding supervisor, inspector or welding engineer.

If you enjoy working with people, positions are available as a sales or service representative or welding instructor. Are you creative? Artisanal metal workers create metal furniture and garden art, as well as original metal sculpture.

Career paths in welding include:

  • Construction or Manufacturing
    • Owner, supervisor, foreman, welder
  • Skilled Trades
    • Business manager, instructor, journey person, apprentice, national officer
  • Inspection
    • Owner, non-destructive testing, senior certified welding inspector, certified welding inspector
  • Education
    • Post-secondary administrator, professor or associate professor; secondary administrator or welding teacher
  • Technical Sales
    • Distributor owner, manufacturer sales rep, distributor of outside or counter sales
  • Artistic Welding
    • Metal sculpture, garden furniture, decorative ironwork in gates, window grilles and balconies 

Skills that make a good welder include:

  • Good manual dexterity, with both broad and fine motor skills
  • Excellent hand-to-eye coordination
  • An inquisitive mind as to how things work and go together
  • An open-minded approach to learning new skills and techniques
  • Good communication skills in order to verbalize questions and problems
  • The ability to “think outside the box” in solving problems

The American Welding Society has information on various aspects of the profession.

Jay Leno Promotes Welding

Check out talk show host Jay Leno’s endorsement of welding as a career:


Welding Positions and Salaries

Welding is a critical skill for many jobs, from construction and manufacturing to metal art. Salaries will vary by experience level and specialty certifications. CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects for the Dallas metropolitan area: 

Job Median Hourly Wage Median Annual Salary Projected Job Growth Through 2024
Fine artists, including metal sculptors$29.46