The El Centro College Architecture program provides a curriculum of transferable college-level courses that give students the opportunity to gain exposure to the wide variety of skills that architects must master. 

Topics include architectural history, aesthetics, elements of design, hand-sketching techniques, computer graphics and structural concepts. 

Courses are transferable into any public university architecture program in Texas.

Architecture Courses at the Colleges of DCCCD

Architecture courses are offered at:

  • El Centro College

Course Descriptions for Architecture

Architecture courses are listed under the four-letter rubric (course prefix):

View a 360-Degree Photo of the Architecture Classroom

The architecture classroom is located on the 11th floor of the One Main building in Dallas. The classroom seats 20 students, with computer terminals and state-of-the-art architectural software for each. The classroom is surrounded by windows on two sides that look out to downtown Dallas. To the west, is the Bank of America building. To the north, students can see the Renaissance Tower and Fountain Place.

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The core of learning in college is a set of courses that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and educational experiences you need to succeed in higher education. Those classes — called the Core Curriculum — are the courses that lead to an associate degree from the colleges of DCCCD and which transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Students who complete the DCCCD Core Curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA are guaranteed that their courses will transfer as a block of credit to any Texas public college or university. Individual Core courses must be accepted as well by the transfer institution, according to state law.

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