Doug Jochum

Art Teacher
Skyline High School

“I’m taking welding classes to be able to build several special projects, a couple of which are for a pottery lab that I teach. I want to be able to create handles and accessories for ceramic pieces, and I have some dies to weld for an extruder in the pottery lab.

“I wanted to learn basic welding techniques, and the quality of instruction here is excellent. There are daily demos on technique, and even if you’ve seen and done something already, it’s good to go over it again.

“The students here are also attentive and helpful — I found out right away that there’s a group of them who have been here a while and who will chip in to help you do anything you don’t understand or help hold something you’re working on. I think that attitude is a reflection of the teaching here as well. I came to night classes a few times, and even though those particular instructors didn’t know me personally, they jumped right in to help me in my projects.

“The best part of my experience here is that I have more confidence in what I can do with this particular skill. I have a basic understanding of welding techniques and of being able to tell if I’ve done something well.

“It’s a huge perk that as a senior citizen, I can take six hours per semester free, so I’ve taken welding and a special pottery class.”

An educator for more than 30 years, Doug Jochum taught high school and for 18 years taught technical art classes at Dallas’ Bryan Adams High School that included advanced photography, jewelry making, ceramics, painting, airbrushing and silk screening.

He currently teaches Art I at Skyline High School in Dallas and holds dual certifications to teach elementary school K-6 and art K-12, both of which he has taught. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Wayne State College in Wayne, Neb.​