Robert Agee

Senior Designer
Corporate Markets Division
Fossil Inc.

“I got hooked up with Fossil through Giraud Polite while I was still a student at Brookhaven. They didn’t have an internship available right when I wanted one, so I freelanced for them for a few weeks until an internship opened up. From there, I just kept working until a job became available.

“I started at the bottom of the corporate ladder and worked my way up. I began as a junior designer, a production artist putting logos on watches. Then I moved into custom work designing products and packages. I began monitoring jobs that came through with printed market pieces and got involved with our Web site. Now I work as a senior designer and group manager.

“In the Visual Communications program, I learned the tools and programs that I use every day on the job. My studies opened up my mind to the design world.

“I was doing electrical work before, and I knew that I didn’t want to do that anymore. A counselor at Brookhaven went through all of their programs with me, and this was the one that stood out. So I just jumped in and went from there.

“The professors were so encouraging and helpful; they were always ready to lend a hand and stay late for after-hour sessions. There was plenty of lab time, and the equipment was all up-to-date.

“The best part was learning how the programs work and how much I could do with them. The possibilities are virtually endless. Once you discover that, the sparks just start flying in your head, and you can really get creative.”

Robert Agee earned an associate degree in Visual Communications from Brookhaven​. He has worked in various capacities for Fossil Inc. for five years.