Grace H. Lee

Video Editor
AMS Production Group

“I had just finished a bachelor’s degree in linguistics at Queens College in New York, where I grew up, when​ my family moved to Texas. I always had a passion for video work, but I wasn’t sure if I could go into the industry right away. I didn’t want to get another bachelor’s degree, so I looked for a community college where I could get hands-on experience, and I found North Lake’s Video Tech program.

“I took a couple of courses and made a documentary, and after an editing class with Dane Sigua, I got really interested in editing. It just seemed so fascinating to me to be able to change how you tell a story by editing the footage in different ways.

“The best part of my experience was that it was really hands-on. Even first-semester students get a camera to work with. In some programs, they never hand you a camera, and you can’t really learn if it’s all just theory. That hands-on experience was really what I wanted and needed, and it helped me to learn the material fast. Dane and Andy Chiles really guided me in learning all aspects of production and how to execute a project. I learned about the video industry from top to bottom.

“I would recommend this program: it’s affordable and it’s really hands-on. The teachers are eager to help you achieve and learn what the video world and industry are all about. If you’re serious about video and want to get your hands on some real experience, this is the place to go.”

Grace H. Lee, a first-generation Korean-American, earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics at Queens College in Flushing, N.Y., and lacks just a few courses to complete her associate degree in Video Technology at North Lake.

She has worked at AMS Production Group since August 2006, following her internship at the company through North Lake​.