Dave Koss

Kossome Media

“I’ve really been interested in video since I was a kid. My parents were very encouraging, and I was always surrounded by music and creativity. My brother and I played around with my parents’ video camera and made a lot of little productions. I got into really basic 2D computer animation in middle school and stayed with it until high school. In​ ninth grade, an art teacher noticed my interest. She introduced me to the video technology instructor at my high school, and I started taking classes.

“I took all of North Lake’s Video Technology classes and just lacked one science class to finish my associate degree. Then I got the opportunity to go on the road doing live graphics for a concert tour.

“The most important things about North Lake’s Video Technology program are the hands-on aspect of it and the great instructors. You can learn what it takes to produce videos, but the hands-on skills are what it comes down to and what people are looking for in the job market.

“Video technology was my life when I was at North Lake. Andy Chiles is a great guy, not just as an instructor, but as somebody who takes a real interest in you and your future. He even came to my wedding, and I still keep up with him.

“I’ve had my own company since 2003. My new company, Kossome Media, does a variety of video work, including motion graphics and editing. We do corporate and commercial work. I coordinated and directed video production of George Strait’s nationwide tour in 2008. In my spare time, which isn’t much these days, I host and produce a popular Internet radio show called Urban Coffee and do a little photography.”

Dave Koss founded Kossome Media in 2007. A graduate of South Grand Prairie High School, he lives in Euless.