Brittany Petruska, RCP

Registered Respiratory Therapist,
Baylor University Medical Center, Baylor Scott and White, Dallas

“I earned a Respiratory Care degree from El Centro — an outstanding program that has prepared me for my future. The Respiratory Care program is exciting and challenging, and the faculty truly believes in and wants each student to succeed. The faculty went above and beyond to prepare us for our “real-life” careers.  

“The program at El Centro covered a wide variety of all aspects of respiratory care. It not only prepared me academically, but also for all situations. It focused on critical thinking that has helped me daily in my career at BUMC. Understanding disease processes and having a clear understanding of mechanical ventilation is core in this career.  

“I would suggest that every student take the time to explore Respiratory Care when choosing a career path. This is a highly rewarding career that has numerous opportunities. This program is fast-paced and sometimes difficult — especially with a young child and family — but you must keep pushing through and reach out for help when you need it. Make a few close study buddies and most importantly, learn and understand the material. Ask for help if you need it. After working hard and pushing through — the reward is indescribable.  

“I go to work every day excited knowing that I will help someone. My knowledge is constantly evolving and every day is a new adventure. I honestly cannot think of anything I’d rather be doing.”​