Dipti Joshi

​Lead Clinical Field Applications Specialist, Invivo

“The Radiology Program was phenomenal, and the instructors worked very hard to prepare us for the realities of the working environment along with providing the best possible classroom experience. They had a passion to teach students how to always “do things right” the first time, and “do the right thing” in all situations, and the safe care of the patient was paramount. One of the key things they taught was that the patient must always come first in every situation — you have to make that your mantra! 

“Learning from your mistakes is key, but they also prepared us to stop and think first to ensure you always try to get things right the first time and avoid 'repeats' which carry additional risks for the patient. 

“I loved being a technologist and working with patients directly to provide the very best possible patient care through my imaging. Now I’m able to train fellow technologists and doctors in the right way to safely use equipment so that they can always do their best for their patients, and not to use shortcuts or acquire bad habits that can have a negative impact. Even though I don’t work with patients directly these days, I know that what I do directly impacts patient care, and I feel good to know I’m still making a difference.”

Dipti Joshi is lead clinical field applications specialist for Invivo, a health care business of Royal Philips, manufacturing medical devices, software and equipment.