Albert Pantoja III

Senior accountant, American Home Mortgage Servicing 

“My Mortgage Banking studies at North Lake were paid for by my employer. They were the ones who suggested that I go through the program there, which shows that they think a lot of it.

“My experience was really good; I learned a lot about different types of loans, underwriting and loan origination. The program gave us a broad overview from the get-go. I didn’t have any previous experience in mortgage banking at all, so it really helped me to prepare for changing jobs into the industry.

“I like that my job is different every day and there are different fires to it out. Working with millions of dollars is a big challenge, but it’s also very rewarding.”

Albert Pantoja has been in his current position at American Home Mortgage Servicing since 2008, having worked previously for a tax servicing company for seven years. In his current job duties, he looks at balance sheets and income statements every month and helps categorize where profits and losses go, as well as with reconciliation of cash accounts. He was contracted to do temporary work for his present company, then hired full-time and sent through the Mortgage Banking program by his company. He earned a certificate in Mortgage Banking at North Lake​.