Loni McElhinney

Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Center of Plano Blood Bank

“I became interested in the Medical Labora​tory Technology program because I had always enjoyed the laboratory components of my science classes, and I wanted a career in the medical field.

“Once I was accepted into the prog​ram, I found the instructors to be personable and knowledgeable, and they made me feel well prepared for my clinical rotations. Lisa Lock and Denise Griffin always make sure that everyone understands the material and really want their students to succeed.

“I believe that my education from El Centro will enable me to easily find employment in a laboratory when I finish the program. There are so many areas and options in the laboratory field, and I personally hope to work in microbiology.

“I have applied to the distance learning program at the University of Texas Medical Branch to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in clinical laboratory sciences. I feel confident that the Medical Laboratory Technology program at El Centro prepared me for higher education in the laboratory sciences.”

Loni McElhinney received her associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology in June 2008 from El Centro ​and was named the program’s 2008 Outstanding Student. Immediately after graduation, she was hired as an MLT by the blood bank at Medical Center of Plano, where she types patients’ blood and tests it for antibodies to ensure that they don’t have a negative transfusion reaction when receiving donor blood.​