Jewelressa Dunbar, B.A.A.S., MA

Medical Assistant
Health Texas Medical Provider
Baylor Health Care System

“I took a couple of classes at Mountain View and became interested in doing something in a medical field. My advisor there pointed me to the allied health professions at El Centro, and I went there to interview for the Medical Assisting program.

“The best part of my education was my professors — I’d like to particularly thank adjunct faculty member Diana Drury.

“I use everything I learned in my education on a daily basis. I like helping people and feeling that I’m an asset to the community. When you work in the health field, you always have a job, and you can really make a difference. Every position may not be for everyone — but it’s a good, flexible field where you can move into the areas that you like the best, whether it’s the front or back of the office, or working with patients.

“The most important thing I learned is to be open to learning new things. There’s no one right way to do everything.”

Jewelressa Dunbar earned her Medical Assisting certificate from El Centro ​and also earned a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from the University of North Texas.

In her current position, she has worked both in the front office, in reception and filing, and in the back office, handling medical records and processing patient checkout and insurance payments. She also conducts hands-on procedures such as giving injections, checking vital signs, prepping patients for tests such as EKGs and authorizing tests and medications.

First asked to work with one physician, she has worked in all areas across the facility for a total of 30 doctors. Her current duties primarily include taking vital signs, giving injections, scheduling tests, calling in medications, triaging calls and performing any other common procedures done in the office.