Angelita Williams

​Associate Program Manager
FedEx Office

“The best parts of my management education, I would have to say, have been the caring and motivating professors and the co-op education component of the program. I was able to use my co-op education class objectives, not only to stretch my goals in my current role, but to also carry those objectives outside of my department and gain experience in other areas of the company.

“Using the knowledge and skills learned from these courses, I’ve learned how to communicate with others based on their communication skills, and to build good working relationships with other cross-functional groups. That opportunity and exposure have also enlightened me with a better understanding of company structure and strategies.

“The management courses touch on so many different areas of management that it really is a deep dive into the structure of corporations today with real-life current data. The courses focus on and the professors put emphasis on good management, and how managers should respect, develop and recognize their people. This is a critical component of being an excellent manager and leader.

“As an associate program manager, I manage projects and tasks. Though the people I work with do not directly report to me, I’ve learned specific management skills in motivating people and keeping a group going, making sure there’s accountability and ownership of the project, and that everyone is working towards the same goal. It’s a valuable skill to know how to get a team to work collaboratively.

“My experience has been excellent; the professors have been encouraging and motivating and will answer any question you have. They really take the time to encourage us in our studies. I actually chose the program because of a good experience I first had with an advisement counselor, John Harwood. I originally came to inquire about the Project Management classes, and he took the time to explain how I could earn my degree in very little time through the Management program. I had always felt that I didn’t have time at this point in my life to earn a degree. But after speaking to him, I knew it was a possibility. He directed me to speak with Dr. Linda Morable (Management program director) about the program. After meeting with Dr. Morable and seeing how structured the program was, I was on my way to being a college student. I’ve had the pleasure of taking some of her classes, and the whole experience has been very rewarding. 

“I’m very much appreciative of the faculty for their encouragement and for truly making a difference in my life.”

Angie Williams was formerly a business analyst before moving into her current job as an associate program manager at Fed Ex Office, an entity of Federal Express, in 2007. She is working on an associate degree in Management and is interested in furthering her career in the area of organizational development.