Karmen McGuffee, RCIS, LMRT

“I graduated from El Centro's Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program in May 2012. I was 42, so this was not my first career. I was suddenly an unemployed, divorced single mom wanting to get into a health care field.

“Dallas College helped me navigate the waters of obtaining a degree. I’d never gone to college before, so the thought was terrifying at the beginning. Dallas College ​made that not only possible, but very achievable. The Invasive Cardiovascular Technology program gave me both the book knowledge and the hands-on experience to prepare me for a career in the hospital.

“El Centro’s program prepared me for a career in the Cath Lab, where one thing they do is unblock coronary arteries, and then I found my dream job in the Electrophysiology Lab, where they fix abnormal heart rhythms. Both labs fall under Cardiovascular Services, and in many facilities, the labs share employees because employees are all cross-trained.

“Electrophysiology requires patience and attention to detail for long periods of time, but I find it very exciting. Every morning I go to work knowing I could have an impact on someone’s life.”

Karmen McGuffee holds credentials as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) and Limited Medical Radiological Technologist (LMRT).