JohnThomas Reed

IS/LAN Support Specialist IV

“In the summer of 1996, after 20 years in the food and beverage industry, I started looking around for different options for education and training that would enable me to change my career. I had already had some IT training over the years at other colleges and had self-taught many of the computer skills I possessed. I chose Dallas College since many of my friends and colleagues had attended and obtained their training and/or degrees from Dallas College, and their knowledge and skills were very well-respected. They also spoke highly of the quality of education and training they had received from Dallas College.

“I investigated the course offerings, and after speaking with a counselor prior to registration, enrolled in classes required for an A.A.S. degree in Personal Computer Support. Due to the fact that my livelihood mostly required working in the evenings, I was able to attend college during the day. I worked very hard and made excellent grades in all of my courses, eager to take virtually all of the courses offered and forging strong and lasting relationships with many or most of my instructors, many of which still endure today.

“To my unending delight and pride, my second year as a student, I received the Microsoft Student Technology Champion award, which included a substantial cash stipend. I owe this wonderful stroke of good fortune to the faculty and administrators at Dallas College, since it was they who promoted and recommended me for the award and served as great agents. I was able to devote more time and energy to my studies, and shortly thereafter I was hired to work at Dallas College in the main computer lab, serving as help desk assistant and troubleshooter for students and faculty.

“I would and do recommend our college to everyone, whether seeking a career change like me, wanting to enhance extant skills and knowledge, or just trying to learn something totally new and interesting.”

JohnThomas Reed completed most of the requirements for an associate degree in CIT - Personal Computer Support before being hired full-time as an IS/LAN specialist and adjunct faculty member teaching Cisco CCNA certification at Dallas College​. He plans to complete his A.A.S. as time allows.

In his current job, he supports all users, including administrators, staff, faculty and students, with information technology needs and requirements.