Stephanie Campos

Info​rma Markets

"This industry is like an iceberg, not many people know and see what we do, so most people are open and whiling to welcome newcomers. Join associations like the International Association of Exhibitions and Events or Meeting Professionals International and attend their chapter meetings and events, there's always something fun to do."

"Having a bachelor's from my home country and having decided to move abroad once again, I decided to pursue a role in the industry instead."

"HEEM students at Richland are very lucky, most of the instructors are well connected and they will work with you to help you find the best volunteering, internships, scholarships, and job opportunities out there. Juggling studies and work can get a bit overwhelming but my advice – as cheesy as it may sound – is never to give up and see everything as an opportunity: networking events, HEEM Club meetings, associations, volunteering, etc."

"I like to think the HEEM program is like a small family. Most of our instructors know each other from having worked together in this industry before, and once you get to know them and work with them, they make you feel like part of the club too. Special shout out to MT Hickman and Marti Fox for always supporting students an extra mile. Without their mentoring, I probably wouldn't be where I am today."

Stephanie Campos earned an associate degree in Hospitality, Exhibitions and Events Management from Richland ​in May 2018. She works as a Client Success Executive for the Vitafoods Portfolio at Informa Markets in London.