Don Massey

Conceptual Artist

“I was always interested in video game design, but I didn’t have a structured way to get into the industry. I earned a bachelor’s degree in management technology, but by the time I got done with my degree, the IT industry was saturated. I just worked at random jobs and then started looking around for a way to get an education for the gaming industry.

“I came to Richland to boost my GPA by taking some arts and technology classes so that I can eventually get into a master’s program. The game design program dropped right in front of me.

“Taking Jeremy Roden’s classes was like getting taught by one of your friends — he’s really knowledgeable but also really laid-back. Class was basically just informal hands-on, one-on-one time with the teacher. We looked at games, played them and analyzed them. The small classes are also a strong point at Richland.

“Jeremy recommended me for the job I now have at iStation, initially because 2-D art came more naturally to me than 3-D. Also, iStation's art director, Dan Kuenster, worked on many of the 1980s animated films that I grew up watching. It has turned out to be the perfect creative and professional outlet that I needed.”

Don Massey earned an associate degree in computer software from Eastfield and a bachelor’s degree in management technology from Amberton University before starting the game design program at Richland​.