Video: Introduction to the El Centro Culinary Program

Vi​deo Transcript

[MUSIC AND MALE NARRATOR] The Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality program has a full schedule of both online and hybrid, hands-on classes in both our Culinary and our Baking and Pastry degree, available at two locations so that you can enroll, whether full-time or part-time, in a series of stacked certificates that lead to an Associates of Applied Science degree. 

[STEVE DESHAZO] I'm Steve to DeShazo, Senior Director of the Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality programs, both at our El Centro downtown campus and here the new CPH Center at Webb Chapel and LBJ. 

[MALE NARRATOR] Whether you choose to attend part-time according to your availability or if you're ready to dedicate yourself to full-time study in one of our FastTrack style, block-scheduled programs, you can achieve your educational goals as well as critical technical and professional learning to ensure your future career success. 

[BRIAN HAY] I believe that our students are getting an incredible education here. Our instructors are absolutely amazing and dedicated to go in helping our students, you know, push forward, get their goals, pursue their dreams. My name is Brian Hay, I'm the Instructional Dean here at Dallas College covering Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality. There already is an amazing program, but what's coming in the future is going to be the next level of education in culinary. We're going to be the benchmark for education nationwide. 

[GARRY ABBS] I love to see the smile on peoples' faces when I'm able to share my experiences with them. My name is Garry Abbs. I'm the Hospitality Instructional Specialist. Having a hospitality education has helped me travel the world, work for some of the best companies around and learn from the best people. With that experience, I'm able to share it with our students and so that they can prosper in their careers. 

[ANDREW JARDIM] I'm Chef Instructor Andrew Jardim and I'm based at the El Centro campus in downtown Dallas. The most important part of becoming a chef is problem solving. Together, we can get through this and any situation as long as we put our heads down and focus. 

[PATRICK STARK] It's important to have a degree in this industry because it allows you to continually rise in the ranks or allows you to explore different avenues. We all know that there's a lot more to food industry than just cooking. There's purveyors, there's consulting, there's business, there's R and D chefs. The sky's the limit. I'm Patrick Stark. I'm from Dallas, Texas and my mom might say I'm from outer space. What's great about this program is that it doesn't only benefit beginners, but it also helps people that have been in the industry for some time. You know, cooking is a journey, it's not a destination. Every day you wake up and you want to work on your chops, your knife cuts, and your knowledge. 

[JESMARY SBRAGA] I think that when you love and you're passionate about what you do, when you go to work, it doesn't feel like work. And so that's why when you're choosing, "What-what am I going to do for my career?" always choose something that you love to do because when you do, it's not going to FEEL like work. I'm Pastry Chef Instructor, Jesmary Sbraga. I think with a program like this, it's perfect for those that want to pursue a career in Culinary and Hospitality. 

[ANDREW DILDA] This program appealed to me because of its notoriety in the city and it's always been held in high regard. I looked at several other schools around here and, locally, this one was the one that I knew I wanted to be a part of. My name's Andrew Dilda and I'm a chef here in Dallas. The beauty of this program is the chef's are so understanding. Our instructors have real-world experience, they can guide you. They're able to instruct you on what it's going to be like in the real world. 

[GARRY ABBS] Your dreams will be realized through hard work. And we have the facility and the faculty that will make that happen for you. 

[BRIAN HAY] Enrolling at Dallas College is going to be the launching platform for YOUR future success. 

[PATRICK STARK] I look forward to seeing YOU grow with us. 


[JEZMARY SBRAGA] We are so excited to be a part of your journey. Welcome! 

[ANDREW JARDIM] Welcome to the Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality program at Dallas College! 

​​[STEVE DESHAZO] Start your journey today!