Rodolfo (Rudy) Salas

​Hopeful Future Firefighter

“I’m earning my associate degree because I think it will help me get my foot in the door and move toward my dream career as a firefighter. Although at one time I wanted to be an auto technician, I began to want to be a firefighter about two years ago.

“I want to help out the community; I have a big heart, and I want to help people out. All of my life, I’ve helped my brother, who has cerebral palsy, and it’s just a way of life for me.

Alvin Samples helps me out in class; he makes the subject matter exciting, and he’s a really good teacher. In my Fire Protection classes, I’ve learned a lot about how fire administration works — the chain of command — and it’s really exciting.

“What would I like to be doing career-wise in five to 10 years? I want to have finished my associate degree, gone to the Fire Academy and be working as a firefighter. Who knows — maybe someday I could even become a fire marshal.”

Rudy Salas has graduated from the Fire Protection Technology program.