Jacqueline Webb

Fire Inspector, Dallas Fire Rescue

"I like everything about what I do as a fire inspector. I’ve always been in positions where I can serve the community. Working in the fire department is more interactive — I’m able to help people and teach them how to live safer. It’s really the concept of each one, teach one.

"The classes are very interesting; they teach skills on how to be more adaptable and how to communicate and disseminate information better. It gives you more insight into what the actual job encompasses.

"Getting my associate degree will help me to become a Master Certified Fire Inspector, and fire instructor certification will enable me to teach colleagues to become better inspectors in the areas they may be lacking knowledge in. Credentials and knowledge in this field help you advance in rank.

"The best thing I’ve learned is how to effectively apply knowledge to teach safety to citizens and fellow co-workers."

Dallas Fire Rescue fire inspector Jacqueline Webb is earning an associate degree in Fire Protection Technology for job advancement to become a Master Certified Fire Inspector, as well as taking the instructor course advanced certificate. She has been a fire inspector for Dallas Fire Rescue for 10 years, working with special events to make sure that life safety systems are in place. She helps to make sure building owners are in compliance with fire and sa​fety codes, and that security systems are working in the event of a medical or fire emergency. She previously worked with Child Protective Services and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.