Debby Chiang

Junior Designer​
Brand Agent

“I was a declared accounting major when I enrolled in college. As part of the Core Curriculum, I took an art appreciation class. I was thoroughly fascinated by it and was encouraged to take Drawing I. After a semester with Chris Fulmer, I abandoned accounting and switched to the Computer Graphics program. 

“The best part of the program was having instructors who were open-minded about our work. They encouraged peer critiques and offered constructive criticism in class. It always helped to get different opinions on our work since we all see things differently. A piece can only improve with input from various perspectives. Our instructors also told us about several statewide competitions that we could enter to build our résumé. These events are great opportunities to network with other artists.

“Being involved in student organizations helped me develop a lot of important skills. I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society for two-year colleges, my second semester. Immediately, I was encouraged to run for office and became their membership officer. I learned so much about leadership, planning, organization and time management. From there, I became involved with numerous other clubs on campus (International Club president, Alpha Zeta Eta historian, Environmental Club member). Being active on campus completely changed my college experience for the better.

“I graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in May 2007 and was hired as a junior designer in June. Since then, my concept for a Plano wellness store’s interior signage was chosen. I’ve also designed several packaging pieces for market testing for a large snack and beverage company that’s based in Dallas and have had a logo chosen by the client.”

Debby Chiang earned an associate degree in Computer Graphics in 2004 before transferring to Texas A&M University-Commerce to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. As a junior designer, she assists art directors in solving visual communications problems for Brand Agent, a full-service advertising agency specializing in packaging, located on Routh Street near downtown Dallas. 

Honors include receiving the coveted Memorial Ralph Award at the Creative Summit 23 in San Marcos, medals at the Art Director’s Club of Houston in 2006, and Best of Show. Debby also has participated in the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, League for Innovation and Texas 2 shows. A Clifford D. Wood Scholar for academic excellence and outstanding community service from Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, she received the Outstanding Leadership Award.