Matthew Seyer

Prospective transfer student

“It’s nice to be able to go to classes every day and know that everything you learn in class you can apply in the field. Only a couple of semesters into the program, I already started meeting digital forensic practitioners for the private sector, law enforcement and federal agencies.

“It became apparent to me in the firs​t couple of classes that the benefits of studying in this field were going to be tremendous. Just take a look at Richland’s Digital Forensics Web page, and you’ll see a list of all the possibilities stemming from this field.

“After studying for a couple of years, I am now just touching the surface of all the possibilities. I have a job doing forensic analysis for a private-sector company, and soon I will be applying for a Department of Defense scholarship.

“Seeing what other people know in the forensics community, Richland’s program is top-notch. When I interned with a private-sector company doing forensic analysis, I had a huge advantage in what I already knew compared to my peers.

“So whether you want to drive in a black sedan and do raids with police, or you want to sit in an office using ever-advancing techniques to analyze data, this field can get you there. If you’re a curious person and love exploring and figuring things out (as I do), this field is for you. The never-ending advances in new digital technologies call for constant research, and thus the field never gets boring. It’s a new thing every day! I highly recommend this program as it will give you endless possibilities.

“Hands down, I don’t know that you could do better in a two-year Digital Forensics program than at Richland College.”

Matthew Seyer earned an associate degree in Digital Forensics at Richland ​and plans to transfer to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree. During his studies at Richland, he interned with Digital Discovery, a private forensic analysis company. He also plans to apply for a Department of Defense scholarship.