Chris Watley

​Computer science student
Cyber Corps member
University of Tulsa Center for Information Security

“I actually found out about the University of Tulsa’s Information Security program through a newspaper article when I was a junior in high school. Every business needs to know how to secure its information, and it’s just a huge field of opportunity.

“I plan to earn my bachelor’s degree in computer science here at U Tulsa with a focus in computer security, and my ultimate career goal is to go to work for the government.

“I like working on computers and knowing that my own information is secure. The Cyber Corps program is one of the best computer information security training programs in the nation, and as a member I’ll be helping my country, making sure that classified information is secure.”

Chris Watley took basic courses at Richland ​and was a student at the University of Texas at Dallas before transferring to the University of Tulsa’s Center for Information Security, the mentoring institution for the Cyber Security Education Consortium that oversees Richland’s new Digital Forensics program.

He was accepted into the university’s highly competitive Cyber Corps program, which trains elite squadrons of computer security experts to form the country's first line of defense against global cyberthreats.

Having completed a summer internship for a federal agency last summer, he plans to earn a master’s degree from University of Tulsa as well.