Gerrye Anderson

Campus Police Officer

“I got interested in a career in criminal justice by talking to friends and family, and I thought it sounded like something I would really enjoy doing. I went through Eastfield's Basic Peace Officer training as a full-time student and graduated in May 2007. I’ve also been taking Criminal Justice credit classes to earn my associate degree.

“With my peace officer training, I really got a hands-on experience. We went through all types of training, with different scenarios on what can go wrong.

“I also love my credit Criminal Justice classes, especially the ones with Patrick Patterson. He gets right to the point and gives you so much information that you can take right to work. I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know — like you can write a ticket for someone who’s honking their horn unnecessarily.

“If you’re interested in police work, I’d recommend the Criminal Justice Training Center and Criminal Justice degree program. They’re going to make sure you’ve got the background to go out and get a good job.”

A graduate of Roosevelt High School, Gerrye (pronounced “jerry”) Anderson graduated from the Basic Peace Officer training course in May 2007 and is completing an associate degree in Criminal Justice at Eastfield​. She was hired as a campus police officer at Dallas College in January 2008.