Police Academy Enrollment Packet

​​​​​​​​​​​Enrollment packets are not yet available.

We are pleased that you have requested information about the Eastfield Criminal Justice Training Center. We know that your attendance will be rewarding, enlightening and a positive life experience. Moreover, this is an important step toward educational growth, learning and fulfillment.

The Eastfield Criminal Justice Training Center (hereafter EFC CJTC) was licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (hereafter TCOLE) in March 1991. Since licensure, the center has produced over 3,000 graduates.

Among several goals, EFC CJTC desires to prepare students both mentally and physically for entry into the law enforcement profession. Each cadet is expected to participate in formation running, along with various exercises designed to increase cardio and strength. You will be expected to run one (1) mile in less than FIFTEEN (15) minutes within the first week of the academy. By week four, the twice a week run will increase to approximately 1.3 miles, and all members of the class will run together as a group at a minimum 4.9 mph pace. You must be able to keep up this pace with your class or you will face dismissal from the academy program.

Preparation prior to beginning the program is strongly encouraged. If you are unable to run one mile in 15 minutes the first week of your academy class, you will not be allowed to continue in the program and will not be eligible for a refund of tuition or costs incurred.

The EFC CJTC pass rate on the TCOLE State Peace Officer test is 96% on the 1st attempt and 100% on all 3 attempts. EFC CJTC Graduates are currently working in many departments across the nation.

To graduate from this program, you must meet the EFC CJTC requirements for successful completion as follows:

  • 80% on all subject examinations
  • Successful completion of all performance exercises (Practical Problems, Oral Board Interview, Driving exercise, SFST, Mechanics of Arrest/Defensive Tactics, etc.)
  • 80% pass in the Spanish curriculum
  • 80% qualification score in Firearms
  • Successful completion of notebook requirement
  • Mandatory 85% to pass the Exit (Final) Examination
  • Attendance requirement standards successfully completed — EFC CJTC has a zero "0" absent policy. ALL absences will be made up. You are only allowed eight hours of absence per phase; any excess could cause dismissal from the program.
  • Full Participation in BPO course Physical Fitness training

Please read the entire packet before filling any of it out. Once you have completed the forms and obtained the required documentation and photograph, please return together in person to:

Eastfield College Criminal Justice Training Center, c/o Nora Ramirez
Building W, Suite 101
3737 Motley Drive
Mesquite, TX 75150

We will accept enrollment packets Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

If your college utilizes eTranscripts, please have your electronic transcripts sent to NoraRamirez@dcccd.edu, and notify Ms. Ramirez via email to be expecting your electronic transcripts.

For enrollment in the summer/fall 2019 academy classes, your completed enrollment packet (with ALL required documents) must be received by the Criminal Justice Training Center Office no later than 4 p.m. on June 28, 2019. If required, your TSI assessment must be completed no later than June 28, 2019. All additional steps in the enrollment process — criminal background, medical physical, drug screen, psychological examination, etc. — must be completed no later than July 19, 2019, to begin in one of the summer/fall 2019 academy classes.

If after reading the information in this packet you still have questions, please call Terri Frias at 972-391-1084 or email Nora Ramirez at NoraRamirez@dcccd.edu.

Enrollment Process Steps

PLEASE PRINT AND/OR READ ALL PAGES in this enrollment packet, and make sure you read all the instructions before you fill out the forms and submit your enrollment application. You need to bring originals/certified copies of documents when you submit your application for enrollment, e.g., driving status report, citizenship and education verification, etc. Please allow yourself time, as this process could take four to six weeks to complete.

  1. Return application to the Criminal Justice office (Building W, Suite 101) WITH ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS. Use the Enrollment Checklist to make sure you have included everything you need to submit a complete enrollment packet. INCOMPLETE PACKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!
  2. Once we received your packet and documents, it will be reviewed by the CJ staff to determine TSI status. This can take up to five days. You will be notified by the CJ staff via phone or email once this has been completed.
  3. If you are required to take the TSI Reading and/or writing assessment, the TSI referral form will be placed in an envelope with your name on it and will be placed in the tray in the hall outside our offices. Please pick it up and take the assessment as soon as possible, and no later than June 28, 2019. Once you have completed the TSI Assessment, please send an email to NoraRamirez@dcccd.edu and include your student ID number. Staff will reply to you with instructions for your next step within three to five business days.
    • Note: TSI or other test scores for admittance are only valid for two years.
  4. If you are exempt from the TSI, or once you have completed your TSI Assessment and scored at or above the minimum required for entry into the EFC CJTC program, you will be notified by email with instructions to have your fingerprints taken. After having your fingerprints taken, please notify academy staff via email at 4CJustice@dcccd.edu. Please DO NOT call TCOLE to ask about your fingerprint results while waiting to hear back from the academy staff. It usually takes 10–14 business days for TCOLE to send the fingerprint and criminal background approval to us. We will notify you when you are ready to move to the next step.
  5. Once we receive notice from TCOLE that your criminal background is acceptable to enroll in the EFC CJ program, you will be notified, again by email, with the instructions and forms for you to have your medical physical, with drug screen and psychological examination. We will provide you with a list of providers you must use for the physical and psychological exams.
  6. You will receive a Personal History Statement via email to complete. This document must be completely filled out and returned to the CJTC office prior to being allowed to register.
  7. Have your medical physical and psychological examinations completed and return the L2 and L3 paperwork, signed by the appropriate practitioners for your file.
  8. Once all the above paperwork has been received and verified, you will be allowed to register.
  9. Please note: You will need to pay for your class within 24 hours of registration; however, you may register and pay for one phase at a time.

Police Academy Enrollment Packet

Enrollment packets are not yet available. Please return the packet to the Criminal Justice Office. Your packet should include:

  • Course Indicator/Uniform Size form
  • Biographical Information form
  • TCOLE C1 PID Assignment form
  • EFC CJTC Release of Information form
  • DCCCD Bacterial Meningitis Verification form

We will not accept your packet if you fail to include any required form or piece of documentation. An incomplete packet will likely cause delays and possibly prevent you from being admitted into the EFC CJTC program. For this reason, please be sure you read all instructions carefully and include all forms and required documentation when you submit your enrollment packet.

Course Indicator Form

Complete this form. Be sure to neatly print contact phone numbers and email address. Indicate your class preference (full-time or part-time).

Biographical Information Form

Follow all instructions and complete all that applies. Write N/A if something does not apply to you; do not leave anything blank. Print all information, use black ink and write legibly. Be sure you attach a small passport-type photograph to the box on page one. Complete and return with enrollment packet.

TCOLE C-1 Pid Assignment Form

  1. Completely fill in all the information in the top box under "Individual Information."
  2. WRITE LEGIBLY — the information on this document is used to put you into the TCOLE system.
  3. Be sure you sign the C1 form as applicant.
  4. Submit with enrollment packet.

EFC CJTC Release of Information Form

The purpose of this form is to insure a proper background is completed per TCOLE Rule 217.1

Please complete and have the signature notarized, then submit with enrollment packet

Usually banks, real estate offices, etc. have notaries available. They may charge a nominal fee. We cannot notarize this form for you at Eastfield.

Dallas College Bacterial Meningitis Verification Form

If you are under 22 years of age, you are required to either have a bacterial meningitis vaccination (within the last five years) or file a conscientious exemption, including a notarized Department of State Health Services affidavit form. Please complete the form/s and submit with the packet.

Documents to Submit with Above Forms

Please bring original documents — we will copy, verify and return the original documents to you.

Verification Checks

Education Verification

You must submit one of the following documents with your enrollment packet to satisfy the TCOLE enrollment standard regarding minimum education:

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Certified transcript indicating successful high school graduation
  3. GED certificate
  4. DD 214 with 24 months of active duty service and an honorable discharge

Education Documents

You are not required to have any college credits to enroll in the EFC CJTC; however, if you have any college credits, you should include an original copy of your college transcripts as part of your enrollment packet. Reading and Writing Assessment scores within the previous two years or successful completion, with a grade of "C" or better, of certain college credit courses may allow you to be exempt from taking the TSI Reading and Writing Assessment. If you have been a student at Dallas College, be sure to indicate this by including your Dallas College student ID number on the Name/Phone and Course Indicator page.

Note: If your college utilizes eTranscripts, please have your electronic transcripts sent to NoraRamirez@dcccd.edu and notify her via email to expect them this way.

Citizenship and Age Verification

TCOLE rule 217.1 requires all persons enrolled in a licensing course be a United States Citizen.

Eastfield CJTC Rules require all cadet applicants be at least 21 years of age prior to enrolling in the Basic Peace Officer Program. For this reason, you must include originals of one of the following with your enrollment packet:

  1. Government-issued Birth Certificate, indicating name, date and location of birth
  2. United States Passport, indicating your name, age and citizenship
  3. Naturalization Certificate, indicating your name, date of birth and U.S. Citizenship

Military Service

If you have ever been a member of the Armed Forces, you must include a copy of your most current DD 214, indicating characterization of service, with your enrollment packet.

Driver's License Status

TCOLE rule 217.1 requires that any individual enrolling in a licensing course must not be prohibited by state or federal law from operating a motor vehicle.

You will need to obtain and include a copy of your current driving status record from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Include a current copy of your DPS Driving Status Report with your enrollment packet.

INSTRUCTIONS: The driving status report (Type 1) can be obtained online by clicking here. The Type 1 driving status fee is $4.50, and you can print the report immediately and directly from the DPS website. If for whatever reason you cannot obtain a copy of your Driver's License Status Report using the DPS website, you can print the appropriate request form (DR-1) from the website and mail it to DPS Austin with a $4 fee, and your status report will be mailed to you.

After Your Enrollment Packet Submission

Once we receive your completed enrollment packet and documentation, your file will be reviewed. A determination will be made as to whether or not you will need to take the (TSI) Reading and/or Writing Assessment. After this review the EFC CJ staff will notify you by email as to your (TSI) status.

Note: TSI or other test scores for admittance are only valid for two years.

TSI Assessment Testing

  • If you are required to take the TSI Assessment:
    • The instructions and referral form will be prepared and placed in a sealed envelope in the tray outside the CJ offices adjacent to W-101 with your name on it. Please pick up your envelope and complete your TSI as soon as possible, and no later than June 28, 2019. The location for the TSI Assessment is the Eastfield Testing Center in Building C.
    • Once you have completed the TSI Assessment, please send an email, including your student ID number, to NoraRamirez@dcccd.edu. You can expect a review of your TSI results within a day or two of receipt of your email. The EFC CJ staff will then notify you of your status to continue in the enrollment process.
    • If your scores do not meet the minimum required for entry into the program, you will need to take the appropriate developmental course/s, and upon completion, repeat the TSI Assessment prior to being allowed to continue in the enrollment process.
  • If you are exempt from taking the TSI Assessment, or once you have passed the TSI Assessment:
    • Fingerprints/Criminal Background Check
      • All applicants to the Eastfield Criminal Justice Training Center BPO Program must have their criminal history checked. No one may be enrolled without first being qualified through DPS and TCOLE. If you have any action of a court nature above a class C misdemeanor pending, you should delay your application until that situation has been settled with the court.
      • We will email the appropriate forms to have your fingerprints taken for your criminal background check as required by TCOLE. You cannot just go to your local police department to have this done; per TCOLE rules, you must follow the instructions and use Morpho fingerprinting. The cost is $39.75, and it takes approximately 10–14 days from the day you have your fingerprints taken until we receive the notification from TCOLE. Please be patient. We will contact you as soon as we have these results. DO NOT CALL TCOLE to ask about your fingerprint results while waiting to hear back from the academy staff. We will notify you when you are ready to move to the next step.
    • Medical and Psychological Assessments
      • Once you are qualified by TCOLE, indicating no problems with your criminal background check, you will be notified, and the instructions and forms for your Medical Examination (L2) and Psychological Examination (L3) will be sent to you by email. You can expect to pay approximately $150–$175 for each of these two examinations.
      • You will be sent your L2 and L3 forms, as well as a TCOLE required Personal History Statement. Read the instructions, complete and return with the L2 and L3 forms.
      • Once you return the L2 and L3 forms with all the appropriate signatures, and once we have received your completed Personal History Statement, you will be allowed to register for the Basic Peace Officer Program of your choice, space permitting.

Enrollment Packet Required Forms/Documents Checklist

Use the Enrollment Checklist to make sure you have included everything you need to submit a complete enrollment packet. Only after all the information is received and verified will you be allowed to begin the Basic Peace Officer Program.

Financial Aid Information — TPEG

The first step to applying for financial aid is completing a FAFSA form online at Fafsa.ed.gov. Once you have submitted your FAFSA, you should contact the Financial Aid office to obtain a TPEG application. Be sure to apply for assistance as soon as possible, as it takes time for financial aid to be processed. There is no guarantee you will receive financial assistance.

Texas Public Education Grants (TPEGs), for tuition only, are available to individuals to take career or occupation-related courses. Eligibility is based on financial need.

A TPEG can be applied to career or occupational courses, such as computer training, office and health occupations training, business courses, language skill courses, etc. For more information on courses for which grant money can be applied, contact the Financial Aid Office at the college of your choice.

Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office after a review of your grant application and requires about three to six weeks to process. Funds are limited and distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Fafsa.ed.gov.
  2. Fill out and submit the TPEG Application for Continuing Education as soon as possible eight weeks before the beginning of the course, or when you complete your CJTC enrollment packet.
  3. You will receive an email notification stating the status of your financial aid application from the financial aid office.
  4. Once you have been approved for financial aid, bring your approval paperwork with you when you are notified by the Criminal Justice Training Center to register for the Basic Peace Officer course.
  5. Do not depend on a TPEG to pay for your academy class. Be prepared to pay for the first Basic Peace Officer course phase you enroll in, plus books, uniforms and equipment. It could take as long as two months for the financial aid award to be approved.

Please note: Dallas College charges a higher tuition rate to students registering the third or subsequent time for certain courses, including some Continuing Education courses. For more information, visit the Third Course Attempt page.

Veterans' Assistance

If you are interested in applying for VA benefits, please go to or contact Eastfield Room C-100 at 972-860-8322 or 972-860-7020. If you are planning on using your veteran benefits, it takes time to process the paperwork. Therefore, apply as early as you can and expect a two to three month processing period. Be prepared to pay for phase one tuition, books and supplies out of pocket while waiting on VA approval.

Texas Administrative Code

Please see the Enrollment Standards page to review the full document.


All are required during phase one, unless otherwise noted.

  • "Lexis Nexis Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2019," 21st edition (​approximately $50), in an electronic and/or bound format, can purchased from BlueMedia360 online, Amazon, etc.
  • The "EFC CJTC Study Guide" will be provided electronically. You will need to print it on three-hole punched paper and place it in 3" or 4" three-ring binder, and/or upload it to an approved e-reader.
  • The "Standard Field Sobriety Testing Workbook" will be sent via electronic format. Each cadet will print it on three-hole punched paper and place it in a 3" or 4" three-ring binder.
  • The TCIC/NCIC FLTFA book will be sent via electronic format. Each cadet will print it on three-hole punched paper and place it in a 2" three-ring binder.
  • The "Speedy Spanish Pocket Guide" for law enforcement and a small English/Spanish Dictionary, if not fluent in Spanish, are required.
  • Gray EFC CJTC LOGO three-ring 3" binders (approximately $25) are available at the Eastfield bookstore.

You will be allowed to use a Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage or Kindle Oasis in class. No other e-readers or electronic devices will be allowed. You may not access anything on this e-reader in class, except opening and using your BPOC course materials.

Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook, inkBook and Sony e-reader devices, as well as cell phones, laptops, etc., are not allowed to be used in the classroom.

Equipment and Supplies

All are required during phase one, unless otherwise noted.

  • Materials for note taking (legal pad, spiral notebook, etc.)
  • Highlighters, pens, pencils, 3"x5" index cards, etc.
  • Avery 31 multicolor numbered tab dividers (one package minimum; two preferable)
  • One 3" three-ring binder (for Study Guide textbook)
  • Two three-ring 2" binders (one for SFST textbook and one for TCIC/NCIC LTFA textbook)
  • Duty gear (leather or nylon, black)
    • Duty belt
    • Under belt
    • Four belt keepers required
    • Holster for class will be issued by CJTC.
    • Handcuff case
    • Magazine holder (double)
    • Handcuffs and key (Must be Peerless, Smith & Wesson or ASP. Chain-style preferable.)
    • Police-style flashlight (phase four)


All are required during phase one. All cadets are required to purchase a uniform package the first day of class for $80.

Uniform package includes two black polo logo shirts, two red logo t-shirts and one pair of black logo PT shorts. Additional shirts and shorts are available for purchase. Jackets are optional and will be ordered the first few weeks and delivered within two to three weeks.

Required Uniforms

Classroom Uniform

  • Black polo shirts w/ EFC CJTC logo (purchased day one or two of class).
  • Dickies Original 874 pant for men or Dickies Original 774 pant for women, khaki color. You may wear either of these two approved uniform pants; no other uniform pants will be allowed.
    • DO NOT buy the "Flex" or "Stretch" uniform pants. They are a different color, even though the tag says khaki.
  • You may alternatively wear a dress shirt, tie and slacks.
  • Black belt is required.
  • Black shoes are required.

Physical Fitness Uniform and Gear

  • Solid black athletic shorts with EFC CJTC logo
  • Good quality running shoes (these do not have to be black)
  • Red EFC CJTC logo t-shirt
  • Sports bra for female cadets
  • Black cap, plain or with EFC CJTC logo (optional)
  • Mouth guard for Red Man exercises

Practical Application Uniform

  • Black BDU or 5.11-style long pants with belt loops
  • Red EFC CJTC logo t-shirt
  • Enclosed black shoes or boots

Firearms Equipment

All are required during phase four.

  • Handgun: 9 mm to .45 caliber with three functional, regular-size magazines (from an approved manufacturer)
  • The academy has handguns in a case with a lock that cadets may borrow for the firearms class, but cadets will be required to provide everything else on this list.
  • Gun case and pistol cable lock
  • Gun oil, cleaning supplies, two towels, pistol cleaning rod and bore brush, etc.
  • Earmuffs and eye protection (not ear plugs)
  • Five "snap caps" or dummy loads for cadet handgun (orange plastic preferred)
  • 500–700 rounds of handgun ammunition (preferably FMJ)
  • Five 12-gauge shotgun rounds, .00 buck
  • Twenty-five 12-gauge shotgun rounds, birdshot
  • Container to hold all ammunition and gear (ammo cans work well)

CEVSS/Police Academy Quick Start Guide

  • Get Admitted: Complete the application online to be a student at Dallas College. Your DD 214, service member 4, will be required in admissions and/or in CEVSS.
  • Apply for Military Educational Benefits
    • Federal Benefits (Chapter 33, 31 30, 1606, 1607): Complete the online application at www.vets.gov. Allow two to six weeks to receive the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
    • State Benefits: Hazlewood
  • Attend CEVSS New Student Orientation: Newly admitted student veterans should attend one of these sessions to discuss next steps in enrollment and to learn how to activate (certify) their enrollment for benefits. To sign up, call CEVSS at 972-860-7340.
  • Submit Transcripts: Submit transcripts from high school, previous schools and Military Joint Services Transcripts to admissions. Note: Transcripts will not be evaluated until the student is enrolled and has attended classes.
  • Take Placement Tests
    • The Texas state legislature allows veterans to receive a waiver for the TSI (placement) tests requirement. TSI scores will be required for any math, reading or writing developmental courses (DMAT, DIRW).
    • Dependent: Please pick up a test referral form from CEVSS. Police Academy cadets are required to take the TSI (reading and writing), to have taken and passed the TSI test in the last two years or to have taken English 1301 or 1302 and received a grade of "C" or better.
  • Submit the Eastfield Certification Request Form: Submit your signed EFC Certification Request Form to CEVSS as soon as you register for courses (via email to 4veteranaffairs@dcccd.edu or via fax to 972-860-​8340). This is required in order to activate educational benefit funds.

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