Karen Kenebrew

Writer and mediator

“I have always been interested in helping people find peace​​ and tools for achieving peace and resolving their misunderstandings and conflicts. After deciding that I no longer wished to pursue a law degree but didn’t want to leave the legal field, I looked for ways to achieve the same results. Rather than becoming an attorney, I felt that I could be more effective as a mediator by empowering people with tools to resolve their conflicts. In mediation, participants have more control over the outcome than they do in the courtroom, and it’s a mutually safe environment. I discovered mediation, obtained training and continued to do what I love.

“While seeking continuing education resources for alternative dispute resolution professionals, I discovered the Conflict Management program at El Centro. I found that a postgraduate course I needed was unavailable and realized that while I waited for this course, I could complete most of the course work for the Conflict Management Specialist certificate at El Centro. I decided to enroll, and in addition to fulfilling my CE requirements, I completed the requirements for the Conflict Management Specialist certificate.​

“The program not only fulfilled my CE requirements but also motivated me to seek postgraduate degrees in alternative dispute resolution/conflict resolution. For me, El Centro offered an affordable, fast-track, comprehensive program. I really liked what I saw in the program and the faculty. The instructors have a wealth of experience and are passionate about the industry, which translates well in the classroom and adds to the learning experience.

“What I've learned here has increased and sharpened my knowledge, skills and abilities as a mediator and communicator. I have also learned that it remains true that peace is possible. My wish is for more people to become aware of mediation and its benefits.

“I would resoundingly recommend this program! The instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable — they care about the students and the ADR/conflict resolution profession.

“Whether you’re obtaining conflict resolution skills as a job requirement, to handle conflicts in your daily life, to open a private practice, to become a volunteer or to satisfy continuing education requirements within your field, and whether you are looking for a single course or wish to complete the Conflict Management Specialist certificate, El Centro is a great choice.”

Karen Kenebrew earned a general associate degree and Conflict Management Specialist certificate at El Centro​. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Dallas Baptist University.

She has worked as a trainer, developing and coordinating training presentations and seminars; a speaker, speaking to businesses and churches; an event coordinator, planning and organizing fundraisers for community and charity functions; and as a writer, writing scripts for training exercises and articles for newspapers, magazines and corporate publications.