Amber Muncy

Sales Representative
Mega Life and Health Insurance Co.

“The first time I started classes at Dallas College, I was 16 and had just graduated from high school, so I just took basic courses. Then I had to go to work full-time, and for several years, I just took a course here and there when I could. When I decided to really get serious and finish my associate degree, I picked Business Administration because I thought it would be a good background for a lot of things and would help me advance in any career.

“The best part of my education was my teachers — I loved them! They went out of her way to help me if there was a problem or I couldn’t figure something out. My last semester there, I took all six of my courses online and I was a little nervous about how to do everything right, but they just walked me through the process.

“It wasn’t just my major courses that helped me in my job, though. I have more con​fidence in talking to people face to face because of my speech class; they made me slow down and speak more clearly, which has really helped me in my work. And now when I look for jobs for the future, I notice that all of the jobs I’m interested in require at least an associate degree — which I now have!

“The most important thing I learned is: stick with it! It was really hard to go back to school with full-time work and a two-year-old daughter. But I want my daughter to get a college education, so I knew I had to get one, too. You will use your education no matter what career you go into.”

Amber Muncy earned her associate degree in Business Administration in May 2007. She works as a commissions-based contractual sales representative for Mega Life and Health Insurance Co., which provides a diversified line of health insurance and related products to small business owners, families and individuals.